1 to 3,000 pieces

Die Herstellung von Prototypen beginnt bei uns mit Stückzahl 1. Typische Losgrößen liegen im Bereich einiger hunderter Teile. Selten werden es mehr als 3.000 Einheiten

Prototype manufacturing starts with a batch size of 1. Typical batch sizes are a few hundred parts. Rarely are there more than 3,000 parts.

We focus on prototype and small series parts which are close to series design and ready for testing. These are often very demanding with extremely short lead times. We use the original material also used in later volume production, i.e. also usually high-strength and multilayer coated metal sheets as well as high-performance plastic materials of all kinds. We are capable of integrating processes that are associated with assembly such as spot-welding, press-fitting of nuts, thread forming and many others.

We specialize in complex assemblies mainly for the car industry, involving extremely close cooperation and coordination with our partners, i.e. sun roofs, seat adjustment and door lock mechanisms. We have built ourselves a high level of expertise for parts with critical curvatures, such as car roof or door parts. These are the fields in which we offer to customers timely and flexible support in their development processes.

In addition we manufacture lots of individual parts from metal, plastic or composite materials.

Our support is available for every stage in the process:


Benefit from our expertise.

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