With stable and efficient prototype manufacturing as a sound foundation, we have begun to build our series production capabilities in the last few years.

We typically produce between 50,000 to 200,000 units of a part per year and mainly deliver to the automotive and medical devices industries.

In many of our projects we deal with multicomponent parts and overmolded metal or plastic parts and fabrics.
We offer our customers the precise implementation of their requirements in our production, open and transparent processes, efficient project management and continuous quality assurance, all on the basis of our comprehensive experience in many areas of manufacturing engineering.

Aligned with our customers’ global procurement processes, we have optimally tuned our offering to respond to cost sensitivities while, at the same time, meeting the highest demands regarding quality.

Since we keep design, development and tooling resources available in house and have service resources available worldwide we are in a position to organize series manufacturing on a very competitive basis and with exceptional quality and delivery performance. We are ready to respond quickly and openly to all challenges and continuously improve our own processes.


Benefit from our expertise.