TOOLS UP TO 1,500mm OR 5t



Based on our profound engineering expertise accumulated over the years, ranging from extremely small parts measuring no more than a few millimeters to the most complex plastic parts including distortion-sensitive curved parts, we are able to meet customer demand swiftly, effectively and at competitive prices.

With the support of our highly qualified design engineers, our in-house tooling and fixture shop manufactures a large variety of prototype, small-series and volume-series tools, dies and molds, mainly for our own production, but also frequently to customer order.

Very often, when we are involved in prototype and development projects, we deliver tools and fixtures to the later volume series supplier, making sure that the experience gained during the development is carried over to volume production.

We ensure safe and reliable production runs and optimal manufacturing results by means of thorough analyses of the parts before the corresponding tools are produced. We have ample experience in the field of mold filling analyses and analyses concerning the distortion of parts, sink marks, flow lines, surface imperfections and air inclusions. This means we achieve the highest level of certainty for our customers before even the first chip falls.

Our tooling group’s expertise includes aluminum molding tools, also for large quantities, the forming of complex 3D geometries, and the processing of hardened tool steel. We possess the necessary know-how for making molding tools both for ordinary mass plastic and for glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced polymers that are typically susceptible to wear.

BE Technologie is known to employ highly-trained personnel knowledgeable in the handling of leading programming software.

Measuring and testing fixtures, as well as fixtures and gauges in conjunction with the necessary documentation round off our portfolio.


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